Tuina 2 – Advanced Medical Massage – Joint Manipulations

Level 5 Advanced course. £590 - Payment plan available on request

Start: 9:45 am

End: 5:00 pm

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If you are new to Tuina, please book our foundation course Tuina Medical Massage, which gives you core Tuina skills.

Cost and Duration:
£590 (5 days)
Optional £59 fee to upgrade to a full diploma via case studies verified by an independent external examiner.
This is a 5 day course running one long week – Monday to Friday. Days run from 9:45am to 5pm.

This course builds on the Tui-na Medical Massage course with techniques that are more advanced and include multiple manipulations for muscle and skeletal realignment. This course covers full body techniques, especially focusing on joints, tendons and ligaments where the majority of musculoskeletal issues occur.

You will receive a certificate of attendance for the course which can be upgraded to an optional diploma by submitting 20 Case studies within 6 months after course completion. These are assessed by an external examiner.

The techniques taught give a high rate of client recovery and integrate well with other therapies such as Sports Massage, Chiropractic Manipulations, Osteopathy and Physiotherapy.
The techniques taught use your body structure and larger joints and so are not as straining on the body of the therapist, therefore aiding them to work for longer hours without being as physically tiring or damaging the joints.
We show you the small details of how to maximise your skills whilst discussing the issues and common mistakes arising in treatments that many course providers do not discuss.
Assessment is by observation. Each student must be observed practising correct, safe, protocol in order to be deemed safe to practice and gain a full certificate,

Contraindications and Health and Safety
Shoulders and neck manipulations
Arm, shoulders, elbows and wrists
Top of shoulders and back
Back and front of legs
Feet and ankles
Side body massage
Floor massage
Back, knee and shoulder diagnostics
Treating common conditions and issues with acupressure points
Post treatment care
Practical demonstrations
Student practice of protocols
Further questions and Q&A

Our Advanced Tuina course teaches a range of advanced muscular healing techniques such as Isolated Tendon Stretching not usually taught outside China, as well as Joint manipulations across the body.
< Qualified Instructors: The course is taught by experienced and knowledgeable instructors who are experts in Tuina and have years of experience.Well-Structured Curriculum: The course covers a mix of theory, anatomy and use of practical techniques. The curriculum progresses logically from foundational concepts to more advanced techniques.Practical Hands-on Training: Tuina is a hands-on therapy, so practical training is crucial. The course provides ample opportunities for students to see clear demonstrations and practice Tuina techniques under the guidance of instructors in supervised practice sessions.Comprehensive Content: The course covers a wide range of Tuina techniques, including various manipulation techniques used in hospitals in China but also the older techniques from the traditional family styles covering Isolated Tendon Stretching as well as strong joint manipulations.Clinical Experience: Practical experience in a clinical setting is invaluable for students to apply their knowledge and skills and will be assessed over the sessions.Resources and Study Materials: The course provides comprehensive study and reference materials, to support the learning process.Certification and Continuing Education: We offer a widely accepted certification (Balens Insurance and FHT accepted) upon successful completion. The course offers the opportunity to upgrade your qualification via case studies into a diploma.Supportive Learning Environment: We provide a supportive and collaborative learning environment which encourages interaction among students and provides opportunities for questions, discussions, and feedback. We also offer follow on support via one to one contact with instructors after the course, membership to our online forum and ongoing practitioner support.

You must hold a qualification in Tuina Medical Massage.
You must be 18 years or older and understand spoken and written English.
You must consent to giving and receiving manual therapy.


“I went to the venue located in Macclesfield for the Advanced Tuina course. The class was small and there was plenty of room to move around. I really enjoyed the class and as always with Total Therapy, I was given loads of information, support and practical techniques for joint manipulation, that I can use every day. My confidence has improved as my new found knowledge expands. I will always look to TT for further training.”
Ann Bradley-Whittaker, The Hub New Mills, Albion Rd – New Mills

“The Advanced Tuina course has proved a game-changer to my practice. The tutors bring a diversity of experience to the table whilst remaining true to the core values of Total Therapy – passion, expertise, professionalism, support and excellence. A professional, nurturing and fun environment”.
Kate Shelmerdine, Skin Hand Tonic, Woodford.

“Completing the Advanced Tuina course allowed me to safely perform manipulation techniques and understand TCM more than with Standard Tuina. It transformed the way I treat my clients with great results and I feel more accomplished from it.”
Wai Wan, Scotland


A Chinese Medical Massage or a Tuina qualification from our centre, or another college is a prerequisite for this course. We are afraid that we cannot accept anyone with neither of these prerequisites as this course builds on these skills.

Yes, Balens insurance accept our Certificates and Diplomas. However we are also accepted by many of the large insurance carriers. Please note, it is always advisable to check with you insurance provider if they will cover you for any qualification if you are unsure, as they will have their own prerequisites.

Yes we do, we can also arrange a private course for you at your own premises if you have a group of people wishing to train. if you send us an email to we can give you a quote for private training at our training centre.

This course is aimed at Tuina Medical Massage qualified therapists who wish to expand their treatment protocols into more specialised methods including advanced joint manipulations.

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