Case Study Booking and Submission


We offer  Diploma option on certain courses within a set time of your course.  Please check on the course page how many case studies are required, the time frames and costs can be found on this page.  All case studies are assessed by an independent examiner and Diplomas are awarded by Yanagi Healing Arts and Clinics if successful.

Achieving your Diploma via Case Studies

Case Studies must be submitted to gain Diplomas, the instructions, cost and booking are done via this page.

  • A Diploma Certificate may be awarded after successful assessment of your case studies but this is not guaranteed, the administration fee is the fee for the examiner to assess your case studies.  If you are not successful a free re-upload may be awarded within an agreed time.  Diplomas are sent by post and may take up to around 60 days to arrive dependant on examiner availability.
  • All case studies must be uploaded and then booked via this page within the time allotted, if you believe you are going to be late, an email must be sent to the head examiner outlining your valid reason for lateness at least 2 weeks before your case studies are due.   (Currently
  • Our external examiners from the UK examiner and assessment board have years of practical knowledge of therapies as well as huge experience of examining and assessing therapists.
  • If you do not pass your Diploma, you will get an email or phone call outlining the reason and letting you know whether you are recommended to re-attend before re-submission. If you are recommended to re-attend, it is up to you to book your course again, this will not be done for you.  All re-attendances are given 50% discount, you may be given a discount code to get this.
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Diplomas are accepted by a wider range of insurance companies and professional associations
Diplomas can open more doors to higher educational courses
Our Diplomas are professionally printed certificate on premium paper, with official stamps and unique certification number
A Diploma can future-proof your career in case of increase of minimum industry standard requirements
Diploma qualifications can help get you more referrals for clients from professional bodies or peers
Having a Diploma can be more reassuring, and offer better peace of mind to new patients when searching for a qualified therapist
Our Diplomas look fantastic displayed on your clinic wall compared to a certificate
Achieving a Diploma is a great advertisement for you when you post a photo of yourself holding or displaying it on social media
The Diploma process affirms your skills by allowing us to check your treatments after the course
Having a diploma in your skill can improve your confidence
The Diploma gives you an increase in your CPD hours.

1. Do your case studies before doing any of the below, if you need help with formatting or content please contact your teacher.
2. Then book the assessment using the button at the bottom of this page, this lets us know your case studies are ready to examine.
3. Make a note of your booking reference Use the method in the “How to upload your assessments” tab to upload your case studies
4. Sit back and wait for our email requesting further information or your Diploma in the mail.

The maximum number of case studies per client is as follows: –
10 Cases – 2 per client
20 Cases – 5 per client
30 Cases – 5 per client
40 Cases – 6 per client
100 Cases – 10 per client

Please note a case study is one complete treatment session and once used may not be resubmitted for another assessment.

10 Case Studies (CPD Courses) – 3 months £49 – (2 cases per client maximum)
20 Case Studies (Diploma or CPD Courses) – 4 months £59 – (5 cases per client maximum)
30 Case Studies (Diploma or CPD Courses) – 6 months £69 – (5 cases per client maximum)
40 Case Studies (Diploma or CPD Courses) – 6 months £79 – (6 cases per client maximum)
100 Case Studies  (Acupuncture Diploma) – 6 months – No further charge as paid for as part of the Acupuncture Exams – (10 – cases per client maximum)

A properly filled out consultation form for each client used
A treatment form and extra notes if needed
Any diagnosis documents used
Photographic evidence where appropriate. All acupuncture type courses must have positions of needles when inserted, any techniques that leave marks (e.g. cupping or Gua Sha) must have pictures of resulting marks after treatment.<br>

If your subject is a cosmetic one, you must include before and after photographs, from the same angle, with the same lighting and the same facial expression.  

A Diploma will be sent by post to those who pass the assessment.

Once you have placed your order, make a note of your order number and use a single Wetransfer to send the whole batch of cases to us.

Please use this link:

Please fill in the transfer form with the order number of your assessment booking and your name in the message, plus the words “Case Studies” and your course name in the subject.
Case documents may be uploaded using the “Upload your files” option using the blue plus button for each individual item, however it is usually best to use the “Select a Folder” option which is indicated by the arrow in the picture below. Each Case must be in a separate sub-folder. Please do not send all the cases as 1 document. This is extremely difficult to mark and will be rejected.

Any transfers not filled in or sent correctly may be delayed or rejected and need to be re-sent.


Wetransfer example

If you believe your cases may be submitted late then an email must be sent to the Head Examiner at to request an extension. The following reasons are guidelines to what may be considered valid.
    • Medical Issues – For the duration of the issue
    • Religious Holidays – For the duration of the holiday
    • Isolation – For the duration of the Isolation
    • Bereavement – 1 month
    • Pregnancy – Can be discussed with examiner
    • Technical issues – 1 week
If your reason falls outside these areas, it may still be accepted if reasonable. If your extention goes on for over 3 months, you may be requested to do a reattendance of the course. This is usually given at 50% discount of the full course price without equipment.
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