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We offer Exams, Diplomas and our specialist Certificate of Competency assessments for people who have trained in a therapy and which for various reasons wish to be assessed and requalify providing them with a full certification, certificate of competency or a diploma in their chosen therapy. This is often done because people learnedt in an apprentice type situation and so no formal qualification was provided, you may have qualified in another country or you may wish to upgrade to a Diploma certification. We run competency assessments for most therapies including some we don’t teach. If your therapy is not on our site please enquire to check we can examine it.We can provide specific practical, diagnostic and theory assessments for you in your chosen therapy or field.

  • A Practical Certificate of Competency can be awarded after successful assessment of you providing a therapy treatment to a live client. These are observed by a specific therapist examiner for your area and a therapy Health and Safety expert. Our external examiners from the UK examiner and assessment board have years of practical knowledge of therapies as well as huge experience of examining and assessing therapists. We will provide you with a one on one support session with one of our master instructors two hours before your assessment. This allows you to discuss your treatment and protocol and for them to advise on any alterations required possibly due to changes in health and safety or industry standard recommendations. They will also make sure the therapy room is setup to your specifications and any required additional information or client forms are available.
  • Certificate for theory, subject and diagnostic knowledge can be applied for separately by written examination and awarded by Total Therapy Training in the subject area of study.
  • Diploma in your therapy can be issued to you after the assessment. For this we request 10 client treatment case studies for therapies of a CPD/short course style such as cupping, 20 for longer subjects such as Tuina Medical Massage and 40 case studies for subjects of higher complexity, large subject matter and higher risk such as Acupuncture.
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About Exams and Certificate of Competencies

We run open day exams four times a year making it flexible and easy for internal students to book an exam to complete and pass diploma courses. These are also open for external students allowing them to gain a certificate of competence as well as further their certification into a diploma. We will provide clients for your exams as well as a master instructor who will be available for two hours prior to the exam to help you with any pre-assessment issues or advice you require. The exam itself is overseen by two external examiners one of which is there for health and safety itself and the other for the actual examination of the therapy including diagnostics, theory and applied techniques and skills.

The Extraordinary Meridians Acupuncture Course

Exam includes –
Master Instructor Consultation.
Health and Safety and Specific Therapy Examiner.
1 to 2 hours preparation and consultation time.
1 hour treatment time (can be extended upto a maximum of 2 hours).

A Certificate of Competence will be awarded to those who pass the assessment.

Cost: £99

Half Day 10:00 AM- 1:00 PM OR 2:00PM-5:00PM

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