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Total Therapy Training is the No1 provider of fully verified, licensed and externally examined clinical therapy training courses in the UK. Our courses teach methods from authentic and original sources not found in textbooks, combined with modern clinical techniques and insider tips from highly experienced international practitioner-teachers.
Our balance of theory and practice, face-to-face and online classes, weekend and weekday options, unlimited use of our student resource areas and access to teachers for ongoing support, optional pre-made equipment kits, as well as discounted insurance from the Uk’s premium insurance company are just some of the reasons which make us No1.

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Student Reviews

Sarah Garratt
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I have done number of courses and the learning experience is fantastic. Not only that but you make some life long friends on the way. The work that is done to run the courses behind the scenes so much work goes into so thank you for all hard work help and support in delivering the courses. Tuna and acupuncture have changed my life and helped me also changed others. The courses are relaxed and open. Credit to TT and the teachers for making the teaching and learning experience so fun and enjoyable.
Lisa Holmes
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Having completed many courses with TT - Acupuncture, Cupping, Gua Sha and Advanced Gua Sha -I cannot recommend the trainers and the courses enough. They've brought a completely new aspect to my business which has generated countless new clients and allowed me to really embrace being a therapist again, getting to the root of a problem quickly, having the skills and helping clients gives me immense satisfaction.
Philip Wheeler
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I have attended many courses with Total Therapy over the years. In many cases I have attended their courses having already been qualified in the discipline of the course but have quickly realised my previous trainings hasn't even scratched the surface. This is particularly true of their Cupping, Gua Sha, and Acupuncture Courses. Many schools will say their courses are authentic, but not many schools can pick up the phone and speak to direct descendants of ancient masters.
Beth Thompson
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The TCM Acupuncture course was fab for me, very hands on with practical training and a really comprehensive overview of the theory of TCM and acupuncture. The teachers were passionate in the teachings and try to squeeze as much information into the course as possible. I really enjoyed the course and feel that I have learnt a lot within the time of the course.
Lili Fan
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It's clear the teachers are very knowledgeable and the course writer been all over the world to learn the best and you teach us the best! You are extremely responsible and do help us wherever you can, I truly appreciate it! As far as I know, There are other English and Chinese TCM colleges that are organised by other people in the UK. but I am here with you, because I regard you as the best!
Sarah Lynch
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Although I had a degree in biological sciences, acupuncture was completely new to me when I started this course. I found the staff to be friendly and encouraging right from the off. Our course ended up being partially through Covid lockdown. The theory sessions were taken online and rather than reduce the number of sessions they increased them, which was fantastic. By the time lockdown had ceased, we were all much more knowledgeable and ready to focus on the practical aspects. We received support with any queries we had throughout the year. The teachers were happy to stay longer during the sessions to practice acupuncture if students were unsure of certain points. I felt supported and listened to throughout. They gave above and beyond what they had to do. I felt the course not only taught me acupuncture, but helped me grow as a person. Thank you, Total Therapy Training.
Jayne White
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I completed my Level 4 sports massage diploma in a mainstream college. After qualifying, I still didn’t feel very confident and doubted myself. I have learnt 10x more on the FastTrack Tuina course in just 5 days, than I did at college in a whole year. This was my 6th course with Total Therapy, and they truly are the best and most knowledgeable trainers I have ever met. Doing their courses have been a complete game changer for me and my clients.
Paul Bellamy
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The FastTrack Auricular Course is a good, concise one day course, with quality content, which was presented clearly in a logical manner with good handouts. The in class interactions were good, with all questions being answered with knowledge and honesty. No faffing, just as it is. Look forward to another course with Total Therapy Training in the future.
Aggie Ralphs
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I've attended the Chinese Medical Cupping course and it was best thing I ever did. The course was very informative and fun. I loved it so much that I've been back for advanced part too! Cupping is the best tool in my skills set. Originally trained as a sports massage therapist, cupping is a great addition to treat any muscular injuries. But I have also used it to relieve conditions like tennis elbow, Plantar Fascitis and menstrual cramps to name just few. I highly recommend it to anyone who deals with soft tissue problems. Cupping is the way forward!
Sophie Hayes
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I really am so impressed with the FastTrack Tuina course format and the amazing tutors. I’m happy and relieved I passed the practical assessment and I was shown by Andrew and the assessor very clearly how I could improve, so that was great. Once I’ve slowed down and mastered the leg and wrist movements, I’ll be flying high. I gave my mother a head, neck and shoulder massage today for Mother's Day and it was incredible how relaxed she became in such a short time. Thank you for giving me this amazing tool and I look forward to hearing all the podcasts!

Benefits of Training With Total Therapy

Pre Course

Fully verified, licensed and externally examined by our overseers.

Discuss the course directly with the instructor

Taught under licence from schools in Japan & China

During Course​

A balance of theory, demonstrations and practical training.

If equipment is required on the course it is included

Recommended take-home equipment kit available to pre-order when booking the course

We show you the small important details which are often missed

Personal support and 1 on 1 training is available

Post Course

FREE year’s membership of the Total Therapy Association

CPD courses award a certificate on successful completion

Ongoing help from our teachers with any issues

Lifetime membership to our student forum

Total Therapy Training is the No1 provider of fully verified, licensed and externally
examined clinical therapy training courses in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Courses start at 10am prompt in the morning and finish around 1pm, then afternoon sessions start around 2pm and finish around 5pm.

Our head office is based in Wilmslow in Cheshire, however we have various training centers across the country. Our original training centre in Wilmslow, near to Manchester is still our default location but we are opening more centers all the time.   Each individual course page will have a list of training centers that you can book at.

That’s fine and we love hearing from prospective students. If you call our main line you will be able to speak directly to someone with a good knowledge of the courses, and if you want to speak to the teacher of the specific course you are interested in then just let us know and we can arrange this.  Alternatively you can email us and we can put you in touch with the teacher by email or arrange a telephone chat.

All qualification courses either give a certificate of attendance or award a diploma after successful completion. Please note if on the rare occasion you require a certificate of attendance for a Diploma course in order to get recognised by another institution as a student, this is not regarded as a qualification of any level and your certificate will state this.

We don’t have a dress code however, if you are a therapist ideally you should wear your existing uniform, and we do ask you to respect some of our safety considerations, so no flowing scarves or baggy sleeves, long hair should be tied back in practicals and something should be worn on the feet for health and safety reasons, comfortable soft soled shoes are ideal.

Once you have paid your deposit your booking is confirmed, however we will email you roughly around a week before your course with information you need for the day. We do it this way as we find that in some cases people file the course information email and then forget about it, if we send it out around a week before most people do read it. Please note all required reading for courses should be completed before you attend.

Get in touch

Phone: 0843 515 8610
Address:Macclesfield training Center: Unit 7 Riverside, Sunderland House, 1 Sunderland Street, Macclesfield SK11 6JF
Monday 11am – 7pm
Tuesday 11am – 7pm
Wednesday 11am – 7pm
Thursday 11am – 7pm
Friday 11am – 7pm
Saturday 11am – 2pm
Sunday 11am – 2pm

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