Introduction to Cosmeceuticals
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Cosmeceuticals Foundation Course (Webinar)

This course teaches you the knowledge and skills to include cosmeceutical products in your own existing treatments. The course consists of theory and discussion of practical application and clinical treatments. We discuss how cosmeceuticals work and why these are the best serums for you to use, and which brands we recommend.  

Cosmeceuticals Foundation Course (Webinar)

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Cosmeceuticals Foundation Course (Webinar)

Cost: £210
This is approximately a 3 hour webinar (Equates to 3 hours CPD)

This course is the half day introductory course, which used to be classroom based.
Equipment is available for purchase from Therapy Wholesale and a list may be provided on request.

Cosmeceuticals are high grade skin products which have very low molecular weight so that they can pass through all layers of the fine facial skin. Most products on the market are not cosmeceutical grade, so they sit on the top layers of the skin but do not reach the areas of the skin where they can be fully activated and give the most benefit.
The webinar covers:
Explanation and use of cleansers, serums and active products.
Includes the use of moisturisers and SPF in treatments and for client use after the treatments.
Why and when to use cosmeceutical products in treatments.
How you can provide home use kits of products for clients.
Covers product usage with various skin types and alternatives to use for certain skin types and issues.
Includes cosmeceutical combinations for best results in treatments.
Learn the most effective products that will help lift, tone and relax muscle groups on the face.
You will gain an understanding of dealing with wrinkles, fine lines and other skin issues.

Contraindications and Health and Safety
Introduction to facial cosmeceuticals
How do they work?
What do they do?
Issues and applications
Range of applications
Application stages of cosmeceuticals
Directions of usage
What to expect during and after
Home care cosmeceuticals for better results
Further questions and Q&A

The prerequisite for this course is Beauty Therapy Level 3 or a medical qualification.
We also accept other currently qualified manual therapist if they have done our ‘Skin and Beauty’ Course.

You must be 18 years or older and understand spoken and written English. You must consent to giving and receiving manual and acupuncture therapy.

I haven’t done any other therapy before so I’m a complete beginner, can I come on this course?
Yes this is just a product knowledge course so you can come and use this knowledge for your personal skin care treatments however this will not qualify you to use the products on the public unless you are already a qualified therapist.

Can I get insured for this course?
Yes, if you are a current body-worker or beauty therapist level 3 Balens insurance accept our Certificates and Diplomas. We work in close partnership with them, making sure that they accept all our qualifications.

None of the dates suit me, do you do private courses?
Yes we do, if you send us an email to then we can give you a quote for private training at our training centre.

What are the benefits of this course and who is it for?
This is an introduction for cosmeceuticals aimed at current therapists who wish to introduce skin products into their routines and treatments and access a new line of products for their clinic giving them better results and giving them a new revenue stream.

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