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The perfect gift for a loved one who is a therapist, or an easy way to pay the balance of your course.  You choose.




Are you looking for the perfect gift for a loved one?

A gift voucher with Total Therapy can give your beloved therapist the chance to spend it on what they want.
Either to part pay a course, or fully pay a course, all the receiver has to do is use the coupon code on this site at checkout.

You can also use the vouchers to pay the balance for your own course if you can’t do a bank transfer. If you need a specific amount, please email us and we can set that up for you.

Available in various amounts. If purchasing multiple vouchers, please use separate orders.

This voucher can be used against any item on the Total Therapy Training web site using the issued coupon code once the voucher is processed. Coupon codes will be sent to the email address used during purchase within 1 week of purchase.

Each voucher lasts for 5 years from the date of issue and has a cash redeemable value of £0.001

Available in amounts of


Can I use this voucher to pay for my course after I have booked it?
Yes, all you need to do is email us at stating that you have bought a voucher, include your course booking number and request that the voucher be allocated to this. If you can’t find your booking number, let us have the course name and approximate date you booked it.

The amount I need to purchase isn’t available, what do I do?
Just keep putting amounts in your basket until you have the amount you need. If you have trouble with this, let us know on, and we can set up a custom amount for you, however this can take a few days.

How long does this voucher last
By the Consumer Protection (Gift Vouchers) Act 2019, each gift voucher has a 5 year life. If you wish to use this voucher after 5 years, please write to stating the voucher code and the reason it wasn’t used to apply to have your voucher extended.

How do I give this voucher to my friend?
We will send you an email within around a week of purchase stating that you have purchased a voucher and stating the terms. If you require this to be on a piece of paper so that you can give it to your friend or loved one wrapped as a present, please feel free to print it onto paper, you don’t need to print the whole email, just the voucher code is the active part and even if it’s printed multiple times it can only be used once, so nothing is lost in printing. If you require us to send your friend a voucher, we can do that for you with a graphic, however it will be emailed.

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