Chakra Acupuncture

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Start: 9:45 am

End: 5:00 pm

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Optional £49 fee to upgrade to a diploma via case studies verified by an independent external examiner.

This is a 1 day course running from 9:45am to 5pm.

This course covers the area of Family Style Chakra acupuncture skills to activate and balance the main 7 chakras to help expand your knowledge as a successful Acupuncturist. This is the ideal course to link the Qi level of energy to the Chakra energetic system and is open to qualified full body acupuncturists. This course will cover treatments using various methods and needles to suit your clients.

It includes advanced techniques and protocols for qualified acupuncturists, seldom taught specialist techniques of Family Chakra acupuncture and discussions on diagnostics and treatments of specific Chakras.
The day covers all main Chakra points and related additional points, functions of chakras covered, locations of chakras and acupuncture points.
We also include the Awareness Release Technique (ART) for clearing of blockages within the chakras.
The certificate equates to 6 hours CPD.
Optional Diploma Available (equates to 26 hours CPD).

Introducing Chakras
Chakra principles
Chakra theory
Chakra Diagnostics
Chakra Qualities
Chakra Locations
Action and correspondence of points
Western Medical use of points
Needling the points
Location of points
Combinations of points
Chakra organ correspondence
Meridians related to chakras

You must hold a full body acupuncture qualification or be medically qualified/hold a 3 year degree level in Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy, or other high level therapist e.g. Chiropractor or Osteopath and have some pre-training in acupuncture needling.
You must be 18 years or older and understand spoken and written English.
You must consent to giving and receiving manual and acupuncture therapy.


“The old style acupuncture taught on this course is an absolute game changer for anyone who does ANY energetic work. If you want to help people and do it quickly this is the way. It’s so easy and powerful, it’s a no-brainer, and so easy to add on to whatever your existing practice currently is. The course leader is extremely knowledgeable and friendly so asking for advice is a doddle!
Seriously give this course the thought and consideration it deserves.”

Ali Copley, Holmes Chapel


Unfortunately not, we do not teach how to needle on this course, and you need to have a medical qualification or a Full Body Acupuncture qualification, which covers safely needling the torso to attend.

Yes, just send us a message via our contact form, and we will get a teacher to contact you about this.

People who hold a medical qualification or those qualified in and practice a body acupuncture qualification and wish to learn this unique system which can be used for balancing the chakras, but also to work alongside and aid many energy healing modalities.

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