Chinese Blood Letting and Plum Blossom Hammer

Level 5 - £175 (Optional Equipment Available)

Start: 9:45 am

End: 5:00 pm

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With Full Equipment Kit: £206 (Needles, Lancets, Plum Blossom Hammer, Wipes, Tray, Sharps, Bucket, Absorbent Pads, Gloves)
With Equipment Kit for Existing Acupuncturists: £200 (As above but with no Sharps Bin and Wipes)
With No Equipment: £175

Optional £49 fee to upgrade to a diploma via case studies verified by an independent external

This is a 1 day course running from 9:45am to 5pm.

This course includes the Plum Blossom CPD course. This is Chinese Bloodletting as opposed to other styles and involves pricking of acupuncture points, veins and other areas of soft tissue. You will be using a wide range of tools and needles for different treatments and outcomes. This course covers the theory and application of blood-letting including lots of student practice.

The full equipment kit includes a plum blossom hammer, bucket, tray, hypodermic needles, lances, diabetic puncture pens, blood-letting mats, hospital grade wipes, acupuncture needles (RRP £105).
The course covers full diagnostics of where and when to bleed using three different types of blood letting equipment and these techniques are discussed, demonstrated and practised in class.
We include discussions on additional adjunctive treatments such as cupping, which can be used in conjunction with blood-letting as well as discussions on other blood letting modalities.
We include blood-letting for emotional issues, as well as systematic and general stagnation issues, auricular techniques and specific protocols for various issues.
The not often taught Plum blossom is covered along with practical techniques and this is the the only specific Blood Letting course in the UK insurable by Balen’s Insurance.
Our course includes techniques rarely taught in the west and is written with techniques straight from original oriental sources.
Assessment is by observation of students performing the therapy during the practical sessions to establish safe practice. Each student must be observed practising correct, safe, protocol in order to be deemed safe to practice and gain a full certificate. (equates to 6 hours CPD).
Optional Diploma Available (equates to 26 hours CPD).

Introduction and History of Blood Letting
What is it?
What does it do?
Issues and applications
When and where to perform
Frequency of treatment
Contraindications and complications
Tools and wider applications
Auricular bloodletting
Hand and foot bloodletting
Key protocols for specific issues
Japanese blood letting
Treatment of emotional disorders
Protocol and clinical application
Post treatment care
Consent forms
Patient records
Legal responsibilities
Practical demonstrations
Student practice

To attend this course you will need a qualification in Acupuncture, Wet Cupping or a medical qualification.
You must be 18 years or older and understand spoken and written English.
You must consent to giving and receiving blood letting therapy.


“I attended the Bloodletting course recently, the communications before and after course are excellent. The teacher is very knowledgeable and covered every point for practicing safely and effectively. I learned lots out of this course and highly recommend Total Therapy Training”
Yan vW

“The Chinese Bloodletting was a very unique and well formulated course covering a subject that is not really taught else where in the UK. The theory was thorough and the strong practical element helped to solidify the teachings of the day. Chris is an extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructor. Amazing course!”
Paz Gohil, Birmingham


I’m afraid that the answer is no, you must have a qualification in Acupuncture, Wet Cupping or a medical qualification to attend this course.

We do demonstrate Chinese Blood Letting with Cupping but this is not the same as the well-known ‘Wet Cupping’ as performed by Hijama therapists.

Working in Partnership with Balen’s Insurance we can confirm that our course is approved and insured by Balen’s. As long as you are a qualified acupuncturist and registered with the British Acupuncture Federation, you can gain insurance. Please feel free to give them a call and check on 01684 893006. (Ask for the affinities team)

Please note, it is always advisable to check with you insurance provider if they will cover you for any qualification if you are unsure, as they will have their own prerequisites.

Unfortunately you will need an acupuncture qualification or a Wet Cupping qualification to get insurance on this so we cannot accept students without either of these.

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