Magnet Therapy

Certificate Level 2 - Diploma Level 3 - £125 (Optional Equipment Available)

Start: 9:45 am

End: 5:00 pm

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With kit: £154 (6000 gauss magnets, 2000 gauss magnets, 20 x 800 gauss ear magnets, Micropore tape and spot plasters – RRP approx £51)
Without Kit: £125
Optional £49 fee to upgrade to a diploma via case studies verified by an independent external examiner.

This is a 1 day course running from 9:45pm to 5pm.

Magnet therapy is used as not only an alternative to acupuncture needles, but also for musculoskeletal issues like relief from pain and other symptoms. It is a useful tool to allow therapists to extend treatments and allow clients to self treat with magnets to areas to provide ongoing treatment in between clinical appointments. They are also highly useful for needle phobic clients or the very young to receive an ‘acupuncture’ treatment.
The Magnet Therapy Course covers many variations and different types of treatments, as well as specific protocols for certain issues. We will cover specific areas and general acupuncture applications, as well as musculoskeletal applications.
The course consists of theory and practical hands on application using the equipment provided on the day.

We cover the issues magnet treatments can cover and the use of the North and South polarities, and also have discussions on standard high strength physical magnets and electrical magnets and their application.
Various maps and acupuncture point protocols are given for magnet placement and treatment of a variety of issues, and we give specific clinically tested protocols from Japanese magnet therapy clinics.
Assessment is by observation of students performing the therapy during the practical sessions to establish safe practice. Each student must be observed practising correct, safe, protocol in order to be deemed safe to practice and gain a full certificate. (equates to 6 hours CPD).
Optional Diploma Available (equates to 26 hours CPD).

Introduction to Magnet therapy and EMF (Electro magnetic therapy)
Benefits of this therapy
Actions of this therapy
Magnet types
PEMF (Pulse Electro Magnetic Fields)
Acupuncture Point Application
Manual therapy application
Treatment Principles
Contraindications and Health and Safety
Clinical and Treatment Procotols
Japanese Magnet Therapy
Post treatment care
Consent forms
Patient records
Legal responsibilities
Practical demonstrations
Student practice of protocols

There are no specific prerequisites for this course.
You must be 18 years or older and understand spoken and written English.
You must consent to giving and receiving manual therapy.

This CPD short course is not suitable as a basis for non-therapists to setup in practise. For this you will need a basic skills course as well as an anatomy and physiology qualification. Please see our Total Therapist Starter package of courses in the packages section of our website.


“A highly useful course, I didn’t realise just how good therapy magnets are. My back was sore before and during the first part of the course, the teacher gave me a treatment to go home with and I drove home pain free all the way.”
George Condron, Fakenham, Norfolk

“I loved the Magnet Therapy Course, it was well taught and the therapy is a great alternative for needle-shy clients, to give to them so they can support your treatment at home, or you can use it on yourself as a top up so you can carry on with your day”.
Ali Copley, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire

“I did this course as it was recommended to me on another one, and I’ve never regretted it. Magnets are so much more useful than I ever dreamed. I use them on children and find I don’t need needles, and I also use them to make my treatments stronger. I’ve found I now even sell packs of them to clients to use between treatments.”
Sara Withall


Yes! You are very welcome to join us for this course but you may not be able to use all of the protocols and techniques shown due to lack of knowledge in other areas, however you will be able to use it for helping people with pain and musculoskeletal issues and help members of your own family with their issues.

Yes, if you are a therapist already, Balens insurance accept our Certificates and Diplomas. We work in close partnership with them, making sure that they accept all our qualifications. If you aren’t already a therapist there are other insurance companies that we can point you to that will take our certificates or diplomas.
Please note, it is always advisable to check with you insurance provider if they will cover you for any qualification if you are unsure, as they will have their own prerequisites.

Yes we do, if you send us a message via the contact form then we can give you a quote for private training.

They are a quick and simple way of giving a treatment to aid healing in the body without using acupuncture needles and can support acupuncture and other therapeutic methods.

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