Cosmetic Facial Gua Sha, Cupping and Face Lift Massage (Level 3)

Level 3 - £175 (Optional equipment available)

Start: 9:45 am

End: 5:00 pm

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If you are booking this course, why not consider our Indonesian Deep Tissue Massage Course?

With kit: £ 321 (Includes full equipment as below)
Without Kit: £175 (Includes no equipment)
Part equipment Kit: £192 (Includes just Gua Sha and Cupping Equipment only as below)
Optional £49 fee to upgrade to a diploma via case studies verified by an independent external examiner.
Equipment Kits:
Full Equipment kit includes: 2 Facial Silicon Cups, 2 fish shaped jade pieces, 1 jade roller, 1 Medik8 Vitamin C 30ml, 1 Medik8 Hydr8 Hyaluronic Acid 60ml, 1 Medik8 Cleanser, 1 SPF30 moisturiser, Facial Cotton Pads, Coconut oil, metal tray.
For the Gua Sha and Cupping Equipment only, this is the Facial Silicon cups, the Fish shape jade and the roller.

This is a 1 day course running from 9:45am to 5pm.

Facial Gua Sha is the use of a scraping tool, usually Jade to clear out facial tissue, increase blood supply, tone and lift the facial muscles and generate new collagen whilst increasing the luminosity of the skin.

Cosmetic Facial Cupping is the use of a small smooth edged cup, usually silicon to clear out facial tissue, increase blood supply, tone and lift the facial muscles and generate new collagen whilst increasing the luminosity of the skin.

Face lift massage is a strong treatment that uses various techniques to induce collagen, tighten muscles, reduce and relax tight areas as well as shape and sculpt the facial tissues and contours of the face.

Cosmeceutical serums go through all layers of the skin to give the maximum benefit to aid the above treatments and maximise results.

The combined facials course teaches you the knowledge and skills to effective facial treatments, and includes training with modern cosmeceuticals. These techniques are extremely popular and have appeared in Vogue UK and some in Vogue New York more than once. The course consists of theory and practical hands on application learning Facial Gua Sha, Cupping, Face Lift Massage and Cosmeceuticals using the equipment provided on the day.

You will receive a full certificate for the course, which can be upgraded to an optional diploma by submitting 10 Case studies 3 months after course completion. These are assessed by an external examiner (examiner fee applies).

Contraindications and Health and Safety
Introduction to Facial Gua Sha
Introduction to Facial Cupping
Introduction to Facial Rejuvenation Massage
How do they work?
What do they do?
Issues and applications
Tools and instruments
Application stages of cosmeceuticals
Practical Applications
Directions of usage
Areas of the face
What to expect during and after
Home care cosmeceuticals for better results
Post treatment care
Practical demonstrations
Student practice of standard techniques and strengths
Student practice of standard protocols
Further questions and Q&A
Closure and further information

You must be 18 years or older and understand spoken and written English.
You must consent to giving and receiving facial cupping, gua sha and face lift massage therapy.


“Exceptional standard of teaching and great structure to this cosmetic facials course, which included facial Gua Sha, Facial cupping, a wonderful Indonesian Face Lift massage and detailed cosmeceutical training.  The knowledge of the instructors was incredible and the level of skill demonstrated was first class. The notes and methods of demonstrating the techniques made the course enjoyable.”
Lee Cronshaw, Lee Chinese Style Therapy Ltd, Willerbys, Alderley Edge

“Great facial Gua Sha etc course with Chris Davies. I learnt a huge amount in a short time.”
Jane Wood

“The knowledge given on this course was including the medical aspects of the beauty treatments, which made this a high standard. The tools received are second to none, and other tools I bought after aren’t as good.”
Megan Edwards, Celestial Space, Hazel Grove, Cheshire.


Yes! You are very welcome to join us for this course, we can even suggest other courses that may interest you and give advice on other things you might want to take into consideration if you are wanting to do this therapy on the public.

Yes, Balens insurance accept our Certificates and Diplomas readily as we work in close partnership with them, making sure that they accept all our qualifications. If you aren’t already a therapist there are other insurance companies that we can point you to that will take our certificates or diplomas.
Please note, it is always advisable to check with you insurance provider if they will cover you for any qualification if you are unsure, as they will have their own prerequisites.

Yes we do, if you send us an email to then we can give you a quote for private training at our training centre.

Scar reduction, wrinkle reduction, a huge blood supply increase, whilst tightening facial tissue and toning, it can also reduce scars and deep wrinkles.

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