Sarah Garratt - Teacher (Cheshire and West Midlands)

Sarah Garratt was introduced to Total Therapy Training in 2018 after meeting a fellow instructor (then TCM student) following a bad injury. She realised after the injury that as she would no longer be active in training that she could try to help, or speed up the process of healing others.

At the time, she was an international and professional referee that had a major set back after an operation. She already had Sports Science and Biology background and was also working full time in IT and project with a corporate company.

Sarah was keen to change her career and enrolled on the Tuina medical massage course. From then her passion spiralled and lead to doing courses more courses to support her massage work. To name a few Fire Cupping/Gua Sha and TCM Acupuncture. Keen to add more therapies to her practice, she enrolled on the facial acupuncture and advanced cupping and Gua Sha and auricular acupuncture including battlefield and Nada.

She set up her own side business as well as working full time as this was her passion in healing and treating people.

Sarah is passionate and knowledgeable in applications in her own clinic and in teaching for Total Therapy. After beginning her training in Tuina she worked through, TCM Acupuncture (full Licentiate Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine),Emotional Therapy as well as the multitude of short courses that complement the core skills and practices.

Positions and Achievements

Sarah has taken on the role as Instructor for Cupping, Gua Sha, NADA and Battlefield, with plans to add additional teaching subjects and writing future courses. Sarah also does work on teaching materials in the background. Sarah works with a wide range of client needs, but is particularly passionate about sports injuries, fertility mental health and movement getting people back to working out. By using the principles of TCM she can enlighten people and reach a network of people who may of not previously has access to Chinese Medicine. With a long background in fitness, sports and science healthy eating, and movement she was able to incorporate Chinese medicine practice into her own work and see the benefits her clients were gaining.



David Redditch
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The treatment given by Sarah has helped me tremendously with getting done movement in my ankle that has been a problem since my motorcycle accident over ten years ago. With the help of acupuncture, cupping and massage I am able to move my ankle a lot more and takes away the discomfort.
Peter – Staffordshire
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“I got Acupuncture from Sarah from some who recommended her. I had been to see other physios /therapists and they hadn’t worked. I travel from Stafford to see her as I know she will do the job and get me healed and feeling great after my sessions. I find her treatments amazing. She takes the time to get to the root course and cares so much about her clients (well she did with me ) thanks Sarah. See you soon before my wedding I need to walk down that isle
Jen – Webheath
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“It’s the day after my first ever Gua Sha treatment and cupping. I feel amazing, physically and emotionally ,my training was getting sticky and having niggles whilst training I went to see Sarah as recommended from my PT. Absolute amazing how different I feel, thank you. I look forward to the next treatment.”
Dan – Birmingham
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“I first saw Sarah after suffering from hamstring injury from Rugby. She was so knowledgeable and took the time to get to the root cause of my issue which we found wasn’t hamstring but was glutes and lower back. She combined her treatment and soon fixed the issue. I felt awesome and so relaxed after my treatment where I felt so comfortable I offloaded some of my anxieties, and she made me feel totally at ease. Sarah, thank you for been my go to when in need and my offload machine. I can’t thank you enough
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