Tuina 1 – Medical Massage – Muscles, Tendons and Soft Tissue

Level 4 Foundation course. £550 - Payment plan available on request

Start: 9:45 am

End: 5:00 pm

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If you are booking this course and wish to proceed into the advanced course then please consider our Advanced Tuina course

Cost & Duration:
£550 for Practical Training – (runs over 5 days ).
External examiners fee of £59 to cover examination of your 20 case studies which are due within 4 months of course completion.

Tuina Medical Massage originated in parts of Asia, although it became fully formulated into schools and techniques in China. It consists of both movements across the muscles and acupressure to activate and unblock energy meridians and loosen tight and knotted muscles. Whereas massage is generally thought of as a treatment done with oils and stroking movements, Tuina consists of stronger techniques in order to clear physical and energetic issues and is usually done through clothes without oil.

Contraindications and Health and Safety
Introduction to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)
What is Medical Massage?
How does it work?
What does it do?
Issues and applications
Techniques and methods used
Standard Protocols
Basic Spinal Manipulation
Shoulder and arm massage
Back massage
Backs and front of leg massages
Foot massage
NMR and PNF Stretching
Post treatment care
Consent forms
Patient records
Legal responsibilities
Practical demonstrations
Student practice of standard techniques and strengths
Student practice of standard protocols
Students own free practice of other treatments under supervision.

Our Tui-Na course is one of the best and offers techniques never usually taught in the UK.

Qualified Instructors: The course is taught by experienced and knowledgeable instructors who are experts in Tuina, and have years of experience.

Well-Structured Curriculum: The course covers a mix of theory, anatomy and use of practical techniques. The curriculum progresses logically from foundational concepts to more advanced techniques.

Practical Hands-on Training: Tuina is a hands-on therapy, so practical training is crucial. The course provides ample opportunities for students to see clear demonstrations and practice Tuina techniques under the guidance of instructors in supervised practice sessions.

Comprehensive Content: The course covers a wide range of Tuina techniques, including various manipulation techniques used in hospitals in China but also the older techniques from the traditional family styles covering Tendon release to gain back full movement and length, Tendon Healing Stretching, Tendon Ironing and Muscular and Nerve release.

Clinical Experience: Practical experience in a clinical setting is invaluable for students to apply their knowledge and skills and will be assessed on live clients in clinical practice, under the supervision of experienced examiners.

Resources and Study Materials: The course provides comprehensive study and reference materials, to support the learning process.

Certification and Continuing Education: We offer a widely accepted certification (Balens Insurance and FHT accepted) upon successful completion. The course offers a Level 4 Diploma qualification once you have submitted successful case studies.

Supportive Learning Environment: We provide a supportive and collaborative learning environment which encourages interaction among students and provides opportunities for questions, discussions, and feedback. We also offer follow on support via one to one contact with instructors after the course, membership to our online forum and ongoing practitioner support.

The prerequisite is to have done an Anatomy and Physiology qualification before this course, there is a link to a free course below which is adequate for this purpose. Please note this is estimated to be over 15 hours, so please do not do this the day before, leave yourself adequate time to fully complete and pass the course.

Tuina is an ideal add-on for existing therapists wishing to expand their techniques and treatments, or a perfect beginner therapy, so they can offer a perfect introduction therapy when initially practising the healing therapies.
You must be 18 years or older and understand spoken and written English.
You must consent to giving and receiving manual therapy and bring with you any PPE required for massage.


“The Tuina course was fantastic and taught by Andy. As a KORE Therapist I had already done some Tuina but this course took it to another level, I now use it within most of my treatments and for some clients it’s their go to treatment. Communication and support after the course has been great too, I now look forward to the Advanced Course.”
Gayle Conaghan, Gretna, Dumfries and Galloway

“The Tuina course was great with excellent tutor delivery and so much information to pass on in a short amount of time. Intensive but great.”
Sophie Hayes, Keswick Acupuncture, Keswick, Cumbria 

“I have completed several courses at TT and keep returning to this professional, high quality training provider to continue my professional development and to add treatment modalities to my clinic.
This Tuina Medical Massage course is a fantastic 5 day course delivered by highly skilled and knowledgeable tutors. Andrew delivered the perfect combination of tuition, theory and practical. The speed of delivery allowed questions to be answered thoroughly and any aspects of practice to be perfected. Andrew was supported by the wonderful Chris who assisted with practical demonstrations and individual support, whilst Michelle invigilated the final exam. All the TT tutors are passionate about sharing their extensive skills and knowledge, and go above and beyond to ensure everyone feels supported to achieve the high level of qualifications attained at TT. To complete the experience and the course, TT tutors remain available for advice and aftercare. Once you have completed a course at TT, you won’t want to go anywhere else.”

Carys Fitzpatrick, Karma Therapies, Liverpool

“I completed my Level 4 sports massage diploma this summer in a mainstream college. After qualifying I still didn’t feel very confident and doubted myself. I have learnt 10x more on this tuina course in just 5 days, than I did at college in a whole year. This is my 6th course with total therapy and they truly are the best and most knowledgeable trainers I have ever met. Doing their courses have been a complete game changer for me and my clients. 10/10.”
Jayne White, Liverpool


Yes! You are very welcome to join us for this course.

Year 1 is a foundation and is not meant for practising on the public, after year 2 you may be asked to do case studies and if so, you will need student insurance which most therapy insurance companies, including Balens should be able to provide.

We can teach modules off the course as private sessions for individuals and groups. Please contact for further details.

People looking for a new career or wishing to progress onto Acupuncture and needing a manual therapy qualification.

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