Chris Davies - Guest Lecturer - British Acupuncture Federation

We are lucky enough to have Chris Davies teaching specialist CPD’s. Chris lectures all over the world as well as for associations and schools such as BAWMA, CMIR, Acumedic, AACP, EMA, FETC and the NHS. His passion for teaching and improvement of techniques has enabled him to specialise in areas of Tendon Healing, Aesthetic and Cosmetic procedures as well as old family and ancient acupuncture treatments.  His talks on psychotherapies touch and change people’s perceptions at all levels, and he coaches many successful business owners and entrepreneurs.
Having acquired over 45 therapeutic qualifications as well as numerous medical and health qualifications Chris offers talks and public events as well as lecturing to Doctors, Nurses and teaching Professors to help better understand methods of healing.
Chris began studying Japanese Ju-jutsu at age 18, through which he was also introduced to a range of physical and psychological therapies. Inspired by these he started studying Swedish massage in 1991 leading onto sports massage and deep tissue techniques.  Shortly thereafter he discovered Chinese medicine under guidance from Master Chu and went on to study Tui-Na; a medical massage involving manipulating bones and muscles, then living in Taiwan, China and Japan

He continued his study and was introduced to the energy healing arts of authentic Japanese Reiki and in 1999 Spiritual Healing under the guidance of John Quigley and John Eddington who progressed him onto his journey into psychotherapies and emotional therapeutic counselling. It was during this time that Chris collated his knowledge on various therapies which lead to him recognising the shared link between the body, mind and disease.

Meanwhile having progressed in the old style ancient martial arts these now started focusing more on the internal healing arts such as Qi-Qong and Falun Dafa as well as Japanese Ki and the micro cosmic orbit. Chris went on to study at the source of many techniques and older style traditions in Bali, China, Taiwan, and Korea as well as many times in Japan whilst also continuing to expand his knowledge under many modern more well-known names and gifted experts like Dr Tan, Dr Wang Ju-Yi, Tianjun Wang, Stephen Birch, Susan Johnson, John Howard and Terry Oleson. After studying with Japanese family masters as well as well-known Chinese masters such as Yang Jwing-ming and Mantak Chia in the internal arts Chris’ journey came full circle and took him onto furthering his training in traditional Chinese acupuncture and external herbs.

His interest in Chinese herbs and internal medicine led him to look at old historical diets as well as modern nutrition looking at the key factors affecting diet and the makeup of the body. Chris lectures on this regularly in relation to health and modern disease. Chris is an NHS certified Phlebotomist and therefore can take your blood and have this analysed for obvious deficiencies in vitamins, minerals and hormone imbalances which may be due to your diet and nutrition.

He subsequently developed an interest in cosmetic acupuncture which grew and led him to train under 14 of the world’s best cosmetic acupuncture teachers. His understanding of tendon and ligament healing has vastly added and improved many of these cosmetic techniques. Having qualified in beauty and cosmeceutical applications his cosmetic acupuncture and cosmeceutical course is one of the most innovative and comprehensive currently taught, applying a deep understanding of the skin and tissues. He is among the highest qualified cosmetic practitioners who teach true cosmetic acupuncture not being taught or used elsewhere.

Chris is also a sports performance coach understanding many of the physiological growth issues not commonly taught by personal trainers as well as expert at resolving psychological blocks with techniques used by specialist Olympic coaches for over 40 years, many of which are only now being made available to the general sports public. Quoting Chris; “Most people are cruising during their routines and not pushing themselves into new limits because of warning markers the body gives as feedback about the current exercise. Once you understand these markers and how large they are in the human body as opposed to gorillas and other animals, you can push these markers back, eating into this safety limit and improving way past what you thought possible”. Chris specialises in running, weight lifting and dynamic sports but also has worked with many other sports and non-sports clients to help them move forward with their goals. His clients are coached on many levels including sports psychology, physiology, sports technique, body dynamics, physical therapies nutrition and diet and he is currently working with various sports teams around the country.

Qualifications & Achievments

Diploma Swedish Massage
Diploma Deep Tissue Massage
Certificate. Shiatsu,
Certificate Neuromuscular Release
Diploma Tuina Master Practitioner
Certificate Swedish facial massage
Certificate Tuina facial massage
Diploma Indonesian Massage
Diploma Thai Massage

Certificate Acuregen Cosmetic Acupuncture
Certificate Yuan clinic Facial Acupuncture
Certificate Facial Enhance Cosmetic Acupuncture
Certificate Constitutional Facial Acu. E.Wakefield (USA)
Certificate Cosmetic Acu. Dr Zheng (Taiwan)
Certificate Cosmetic Acupuncture and Treatments – Fernandes
Certificate Chizu Saeki – Cosmetic Massage
Certificate White Lotus Derma Roller
Skin 1 and 2 Certificates – Medik8
Skin Peels Certified
Rejuva Pen Certified
Dermapen Official Training Certification
Advanced Dermapen Certified
Masterclass Dermapen Certified
Lightfusion Therapy Certified
Cosmeceutical Therapies Certified

NFSH Level 3 Spiritual Healing
Lic. Japanese Reiki
Usui Reiki certified
Certificate Chakra Therapy Healing

Certificate Effective Communication Techniques for Teachers
Certificate Classroom for Teachers and Trainers
Certificate Motivating Students to Learn
Certificate Instructional Planning for Successful Teaching
Diploma Teaching Skills for Educators
Certificate Learning Process for Teachers and Trainers
Physical Education – Coaching Styles and Techniques
Level 4 Award in Education and Training

Certificate Paleo diet and performance
Diploma Human Nutrition
Certificate Human Nutrition – Macronutrients
Certificate Human Nutrition – Macronutrient Metabolism
Diploma Human Health – Diet and Nutrition

Lic. Acupuncture and TCM
Lic. Japanese Acupuncture & Moxa
Diploma Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine
Certificate Battlefield Acupuncture
Certificate Advanced Battlefield Acupuncture
Diploma Electrical Acupuncture
Diploma Wrist and Ankle Microsystem Acupuncture
Tested and Certified Terry Oleson Auricular Acupuncture
Certificate and Tested Koshii Sensei Moxa, Master Hojo Moxa
Certificate Ontake Bamboo Moxa Rolling
Multiple Certificates in Tung Acupuncture
Master Tung Blood letting certificate
Japanese Chakra Acupuncture
Scalp Acupuncture

NHS certified Phlebotomist
Diploma Nursing and Patient Care
Certificate Nursing Studies Physical Examination
Certificate Common Medical Conditions
Diploma Health Studies
Diploma Nursing and patient care
Cellular Physiology
Biology and Behaviour in Psychology
Diploma in Health Studies
Physical Education – Fitness Training Principles and Methods
Personal Health and Fitness
Anatomy and Physiology Certificate
Diploma in Human Anatomy and Physiology
Diploma Healthy Living
Diploma Health Studies

Diploma Mental Health Studies
Diploma Psychology
Certificate Mental Health and Illness
Certificate Mental Health Studies – Suicide, Violent Behavior & Abuse
Certificate Mental Health Studies – Burnout and Depression
Certificate Psychology: Memory and Cognition
Certificate Biology and Behaviour in Psychology
Diploma Emotional Therapy
Diploma Emotional Therapeutic Counselling
Advanced Diploma Emotional Therapeutic Counselling
Advanced Trainer Emotional Therapeutic Counselling
Supervisor Emotional Therapeutic Counselling
Facilitator of Breakthrough Therapy
How to Deal with Complications Anxiety

Positions & Achievements – 

  • Lectured in Cyprus for senior instructors of the IAKP 2019.
  • Presented on cosmetic treatments at the BAWMA AGM at the Liverpool Medical institution 2019.
  • Lectured in Seattle for senior instructors of the IAKP 2019.
  • Lectured on tendon and ligament acupuncture at the AACP Scotland and Ireland conference 2016.
  • Chris has been made the head for Yanagi Ryu Healing Arts and Clinics UK and is the Chief European Instructor for Yanagi Japan.
  • He is the CEO of the board for the British Acupuncture Federation, a non-profit organisation for the furtherance of Acupuncture.
  • BAF Partnership liaison to Balens Insurance.


Neil, Wilmslow.
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His teaching/mentoring is of an incredibly high standard, I have had many teachers and he is by far the best teacher I have ever had the pleasure to be taught by. He is consistently selfless and giving of himself and devotes his personal time and home to healing, teaching and mentoring.” – Phil, Warrington. “Chris has made a huge investment of time to help other people including myself, with not only treatments of injuries, but also in freely giving his techniques and specialist knowledge and training others to a great level.”
Ellie – Macclesfield.
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“Absolutely brilliant course with a very knowledgeable instructor. The teaching is of such good quality that I feel confident to use the new skills they are teaching us straight away.”
Brian – Heart Fire Ancient therapies.
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“The emotional therapy course made me look at things in a different way. Chris has an amazing ability to lead you into areas of your past that you normally hide from whilst giving you the tools to learn and move forward.”
Claire Sullivan – enhance beauty, hair, makeup.
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“The knowledge you have is amazing and even being in the beauty business for 25 years I learned so much on your courses.”
Carol Windross – Lytham St Annes.
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“Chris is a very knowledgeable tutor with an in depth understanding of how to deliver training in an easily understandable way” – Carol Windross – Lytham St Annes.
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