Tamsin Chik - Teacher (Cheshire and West Midlands)

Tamsin Chik, Introduced to Total Therapy Training in 2015 after meeting a fellow instructor/then TCM student when working in a gym and providing a corporate well being day on site. At the time she was running her own wellbeing and beauty business, alongside a fitness career. Keen to add more therapies to her practice, she enrolled on the fire cupping course and has continued to train and study with the school ever since.

Tamsin is a long-term wellbeing practitioner, specialising in massage, movement and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Trained in almost the full range of therapies the school has to offer, Tamsin is passionate and knowledgeable in applications in her own clinic and in teaching for Total Therapy.


After beginning her training in Cupping in 2015, she worked through Masters Tuina, TCM Acupuncture (full Licentiate Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine), as well as the multitude of short courses that compliment the core skills and practices. Tamsin has taken on the role as Instructor for Cupping, Gua Sha, NADA and Battlefield, with plans to add additional teaching subjects and writing future courses.

Tamsin works with a wide range of client needs, but is particularly passionate about mental health and movement. By using the principles of TCM she can enrich her fitness classes and reach a network of people who may of not previously has access to Chinese Medicine. With a long background in fitness, healthy eating, Mindfulness and Meditation she was able to incorporate Chinese medicine practice into her own work and see the benefits her clients were gaining.

Through self-practice of the principles, Tamsin has been able to address her own mental wellbeing and bring it into health and balance. She continues to use what she has learnt to bring up her family and support their own health and wellbeing.

Tamsin has roots in Hong Kong as has found her studies have brought her closer to her insight on family ways and health practices. As well as seeing the cross-over with her martial arts practice and the healing arts.

Positions and Achievements

  • Instructor Fire Cupping, Advanced Cupping, Gua Sha, Battlefield and NADA for Total Therapy
  • Owner of Chik’s.
  • Wellbeing coordinator.
  • Chair of a community based Healthy eating project and Chinese Community.



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“Whether she is teaching me about my body and how to increase its abilities or whether she is giving a treatment where she does all the work, each experience is a positive , spiritual one. Tamsin intuitively knows what will help me best. With her calm and extremely knowledgeable manner she has a natural aura of safety and support”.
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“I have experienced treatments as well as her classes and she makes me feel really warm and welcomed. She has such a beautiful, lovely energy, a pleasure to be around. Always come away feeling uplifted and happy after attending anything with her. She is so kind and caring and fun to be around, always makes me so relaxed and comfortable. The room is always filled with light and love when she is around. Such a calming beautiful soul 💗”.
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“I was very “scared” to attend exercise class at first, but you rang me first and re-assured me that all age group go there, and everyone is nice. You were so friendly over the phone. Ones I attended your class, you were kind, supportive and you always careful of my needs no matter how many people attend. You are not pushy, but you notice my progress and that gives me more confidence. I love attending your classes. I feel like I belong. The progress I made is amazing and I already feel better within myself. You made it look easy and enjoyable at the same time. Thank you. You’re beautiful inside and out xx”.
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“Tamsin Chik one of my favourite instructors at the gym for Pilates. So relaxed and chilled yet works you very hard, you can tell the next day! Very knowledgeable and can tell she loves what she’s teaching x”.
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