Andrew Morgan - Instructor

Andrew Morgan originally trained as an apprentice student who has studied through the teachings from Japan and China directly and a Total Therapy instructor. He is also the lead instructor for Tui-Na Medical Massage courses in the UK as well as a specialist in acoustics, sound and vibrational healing and has written courses to be taught under license by Total Therapy. His passion for energetic healing along with psychotherapies are something he uses in his clinic in Birmingham.

Andrew Morgan is a long-term trainer and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, who has specialised in massage and emotional counseling practices taught by Total Therapy. Trained in almost the full range of therapies the school has to offer, Andrew has a wide range of skills and a deep knowledge and insight into the use of them. Andrew started training in Tuina Medical Massage in 2013, worked through Masters Tuina and TCM Acupuncture, as well as the multitude of short courses that complement the core skills and practices. He started running his own self-employed practice in Birmingham in 2016 after completing the full Licentiate Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine. His passion for the therapies and the school has also brought in many other students from the West Midlands, who have gone on to start up or expand on their own practices and businesses in the area. Andrew has taken on the role as Instructor for Tuina since early 2019, with plans to add teaching of Indonesian oil massage and cupping therapy to his roster in the near future.

Andrew was introduced to Total Therapy through the associated martial arts school, after a quick but effective demonstration of body and pressure point manipulation for healing and against an opponent. Realising the two Arts went hand in hand Andrew continued to train and practice in both side by side, something he still does today. This has given him an innate knowledge of how the body moves and functions, to the limits of healthy movement.

Andrew has worked with Olympians, champion body builders and professional footballers as part of his practice. He has also taken on challenges of working on clients that had been told could not be helped by modern medicine, including straightening spines, relieving decade old pains and scarring and helping achieve natural pregnancy after 7 unsuccessful years.

As well as working with others to catalyse improvements in their health Andrew has worked foremost on himself. Since starting his training Andrew has altered his nutritional intake, his perspective on exercise and also his emotional and mental health for the better. If it’s on the course list then chances are that he has done it on himself at some point, and more.

Andrew’s skills and experience extend beyond Traditional Chinese Medicine, with his ongoing study into Acoustic Healing and Egyptian Healing practices. The use of acoustics, in particular the voice but also various tools and instruments, is something Andrew is particularly passionate about and is currently working with the school to bring these practices under the Total Therapy umbrella. The study of Egyptian healing has gone through multiple perspectives during the years of study, from philosophy, mathematics and the early teachings of Pythagoras, through Chakra therapy and acoustic healing to Egyptian Energy Healing (Sekhem) and Shamanism.

Andrew is always looking for ways to improve his skills and practices, as well as to integrate the philosophy of what he has learned into daily life. His greatest aim for himself and those he works with is to rebuild strong roots for growth and resilience, from which a person or business can build a strong, balanced and healthy future.

Positions and Achievements

  • Lead instructor Tui-na Medical Massage for Total Therapy.
  • Owner of Total Therapy Redditch.
  • Presentation to the Institute of Acoustics (IOA) on ‘The Voice as a Tool for Healing’ 2015.
  • CPD presentation ‘Emotional Self Defence’ 2017
  • An Instructor with Yanagi Ryu Jujutsu.
  • Attendance at Mind, Body, Spirit event at the NEC in November 2019


Other Revelant Qualifications

Level 2 Sekhem, Egyptian Energy Healing
Acoustics for healing, self-study and practice since 2014
Crystal and colour therapy, self-study and practice since 2015
BSc Biology
Diploma Acoustics and Noise Control


Keighly, Bedford
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“My treatments with Andy have been the most powerful I have ever experienced. I can honestly say they have been life changing. Acupuncture to balance and re-energise has stabilised my thyroid, stopped physical pains and ailments associated with hypothyroidism, enabled significant weight loss, given me more energy than I have had in years. A talented therapist who listens, asks and determines exactly what you need and where you need it. Highly trained but not solely guided by text books; Andy treats people with love, care and passion. Amazing man on many levels. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”
Lynne, Macclesfield
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“I got Acupuncture from Andy on one of his trips up North, I find his treatments inspired. As an Acupuncturist myself I found his insight into my problem fantastic, he explained what he was going to do in terms that suited me and I felt at home in the clinic. Thanks Andy! See you next time you are up this way!”
Will, Redditch
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“It’s the day after my first ever Gua Sha treatment with some cupping. I feel amazing, physically and emotionally, as if I’ve shed a huge weight. Absolute wizardry, thank you. I look forward to the next treatment.”
Michelle, Northampton
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“It is difficult for me to adequately describe the profound effect that my session with Andy has had upon me. It would not be an over statement to say that I had my mind blown. I experienced a range of emotions, some of them more comfortable than others but each and every sensation that arose felt necessary and cathartic. I have since experienced a sense of peace and of calm that is utterly new to me and I look forward to continuing to process the session and reap the benefits for some time to come. I absolutely intend to repeat the experience and I sincerely hope that every one that I love and anyone who wishes to feel something special does the same.”
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