Michelle Bebbington - External Examiner

Michelle Bebbington trained as an apprentice student under direct teachings from Japan and China along with Andrew Morgan and others and is the external examiner for Yanagi Healing Arts and Clinics UK and works under our licensing team from Japan.

From an early age she was very interested in the thought of being able to help people by facilitating them to improve their health, however due to a few reasons she didn’t go to medical school and had abandoned the idea until 2002 when she decided to train in Usui Reiki.  A few years later she had a very positive experience with traditional acupuncture and this convinced her that there was something in the Traditional Chinese Therapies, which renewed her interest in the health industry and sparked a passion in her for Oriental Therapies.

She was the first apprentice of Yanagi Healing Arts and Clinics UK and trained under them for a long time before the conception of Total Therapy Training.  Under Yanagi Healing Arts she trained in Swedish Massage, TuinaAcupunctureCuppingGua Sha and most of the manual therapy modalities that Total Therapy now offers and because of her early involvement in both organisations, she has been appointed Head Examiner for the UK under Yanagi Ryu.  Michelle is also a Board Member of the British Acupuncture Federation representing the Acupuncture Association.

Michelle has her own private practice, and in this she works with a wide range of clients including world champion athletes, professional and amateur fighters, professional health workers such as dentists and company directors, shop workers and also housewives and retired people, doing a wide range of services such as internal organ repair, nerve repair, back pain and emotional therapy.

If you telephone or speak to Total Therapy on social media you may just speak to Michelle as she is one of the team that monitors the customer contact, we prefer to have someone who knows about the courses talking to the public so you can get quick answers and help you choose the best direction for your learning.

Positions and Achievements

  • Head Examiner UK – Yanagi Ryu UK
  • Marketing Coordinator – Total Therapy Group
  • Owner of Blue Sage Clinic Handforth
  • Total Therapy Association Member
  • Acupuncture Association – Board Member
  • British Acupuncture Federation – Board Member
  • British Acupuncture Federation – Social Media Co-ordinator
  • Organised and ran large therapy teams for Empire Grappling and Full Contact Contender
  • Successfully increased and maintained the kidney function of a client who was believed to have initially had 0% kidney function and did not wish to be on dialysis.


Energy Therapies

Certificate in Spiritual Healing
Usui Reiki Practitioner
Angelic Reiki Master

Biological Science

Diploma in Human Anatomy and Physiology
Diploma in Epigenetics
Certificate in Genetics and Evolution
Certificate in Fundamentals of Virology

Psychology & Psychotherapies

Diploma in Psychology
Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis
Emotional Therapeutic Counselling
Certificate in Ethics and Conflicts of Interest
Certificate in Interpersonal Relationships and People Management
Certificate in Avoidance of Workplace Harassment
Certificate in Alcohol and it’s effects on Health
Certificate in Coping Skills

Other Relevant Qualifications

Certificate in Ear Candling
Diploma in Ear Piercing
Certificate in First Aid in the Workplace
Fire Warden Certificate
Certificate in Teaching over 16’s in Further Education


Jessica Annah
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“Michelle is such an amazing person. She understands a lot about physical and mental pain, and her knowledge about this is unreal. She knows exactly how to release any kind of pain or unwanted tension, I have a build up of unwanted tension in my shoulder and have done for around 20 years, I never thought I could get rid of it, and no one else knew what was wrong, had scans , had a chiropractor, ect .. nothing, there was just tension and it was inflamed a lot most of the time, Michelle’s treatment is working slowly but surely, I love just going to see her. She is my inspiration. X”
Becky Holt
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“Had some fantastic treatments with this wonderful lady @michelletcm I had a great day of Massage (in various forms), Gua Sha, Facial Gua Sha, Cupping & Magnet Therapy If anyone has any issues they need sorting or solving I can personally and highly recommended Michelle. Not only is she very talented in her field, she’s also highly spiritual and has a mass amount of energy and her aura is absolutely heart-warming. I can’t thank her enough for my treatments and really can’t wait to go back and have my reiki healing and acupuncture ”
Dan Lampard – WNBF World Champion Bodybuilder
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“Superb therapist who is very skilled at what she does – always focused on resolving issues. She’s had treated me for many different injuries and always helped me recover very quickly. First rate and thank you!”
Alison Geary
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“I highly recommend Blue Sage / Michelle and cannot thank her enough for providing emergency treatment on my back prior to a big competition. She is extremely thorough and certainly put me right well enough to not only compete … but to win !!”
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