Philip Wheeler - Guest Lecturer - Medical Acupuncture Council

Philip is a highly skilled consultant clinician who has been in the health, fitness, and medical industries for more than 16-years. He specialises in treating rare and long-term medical conditions, with a particular interest and success in neurological disorders, immune health, chronic pain, and cellular regeneration.

Philip has studied under world renowned doctors, professors, and industry leading experts in a multitude of treatment modalities, which he combines in his extremely successful private clinic where the emphasis is on root cause treatments via functional and regenerative medicine.

Philip Wheeler

Using Eastern and Western Medicine integrated together, Philip’s research and success shows what’s possible when treating conditions such as Epilepsy and Long-Covid. His work has attracted the attention of senior UK neurologists and consultants who are eager to explore his methods further. Philip’s clinic PW Therapy was awarded ‘Best Neurological Medical Specialists 2023 – UK’ in the Global Health and Pharma Mental Health awards which he and his team are overjoyed with.

You can read one of Philip’s articles here The Effectiveness of Chinese Medicine on Epilepsy

Philip is currently expanding his knowledge further on Functional and Regenerative Medicine and aims to write his final paper on neuroplasticity using Bio-electric Medicine, which is another one of Philip’s passions, along with nutrition.

Philip is the Medical Acupuncture Council representative for the Acupuncture Regulatory Authority, and consultant clinician to several private clinics around the UK.

His search for the perfect blend of authentic East Asian medicine delivered functionally, combined with modern medicine and up-to-date scientific research came to an end when he discovered the Total Therapy Training Academy. To date, he has 30 certificates from Total Therapy alone, including CPD’s, Diplomas, and a Licentiate Degree, this isn’t including the courses he has re-attended multiple times! If you need to know anything about our courses, ask Philip!

His passion to learn and share knowledge in a relaxed environment will be evident from the second you meet him. Always approachable and happy to answer questions, Philip genuinely wants everyone to be the best possible version of themselves.

Previously Philip qualified and worked as a professional chef in many well-known establishments, before moving onto studying nutrition, personal training, and sports therapy & massage, which has continued to spiral into the well-rounded clinician he is today. Philip is an ex-competitive powerlifter and martial artist with 30-years of martial arts training in various styles, and currently does 6-8 hours of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsus per week along with 3 strength and conditions sessions.

In 2022 Philip had his first fitness photoshoot where he achieved low single digit body fat levels but is happy to be enjoying the food and fun on the Total Therapy student and staff team bindings evenings which happen throughout the year.


Medical and Health

SARS-COV-2 IGG/IGM Antibody Test (official NHS Covid testing) Certificate
Medical Phlebotomy and Blood Testing Diploma
Autism Spectrum Disorders and Auriculotherapy
Nursing Studies and Patient Care Diploma
Nursing Studies – Physical Examinations Certificate
Nursing Studies – Diet Therapy Certificate
Human Anatomy and Physiology Diploma
Health and Safety Diploma
Foundations of Electrical Diagnosis
E-Qi Clinical Strategies & Best Practices 
Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate
Food Hygiene Diploma

Manual Therapies

Tuina Master Practitioner Diploma
Sports Massage Therapy Diploma
NMR and PNF Stretching
Reflexology Diploma
Eastern and Indian Head Massage Diploma
Swedish Massage Diploma
Lomi Lomi Massage Diploma
Hot Stone Massage Diploma
Thai Foot Massage Diploma
Pregnancy Massage Diploma
Aromatherapy Diploma

Personal Training and Fitness

Personal Trainer Diploma
Fitness Coach & Gym Instructor Certificate
PTA Global Bridging Course Diploma
Physical Education Principles for Vulnerable People Certificate
Personal Health and Fitness for Children Certified Certificate
Power Plate Instructor Certificate
Advanced Kettlebell Instructor Certificate
ViPR Instructor Certificate
TRX Instructor & Teacher Certificate
Wattbike Instructor Certificate

Diet and Nutrition

AFN Nutrition Consultant Diploma
Nursing Studies – Diet Therapy Certificate
Human Health – Diet and Nutrition Certificate
Advance Principles of Nutrition Certificate
Nutri Advanced Practitioner Certificate
Chinese and Western Diet Concepts Certificate
Professional Chef Diploma

Energy Therapies

Intuitive Energy Healer
Usui Reiki Practitioner
Angelic Reiki Certificate

Aesthetics and Cosmetics

Cosmetic Acupuncture Certificate (Includes Facial and Body)
Dermapen – DermaPenWorld Certificate
Microneedling & Dermapen Certificate
Dermaplane Certificate
Cosmeceuticals for Skin Therapists Certificate
Skin Anatomy and Physiology Certificate
Facial Gua Sha, Facial Cupping and Face Lift Massage Certificate


Chinese Medicine for Mental Health Certificate
Human Behaviour Diploma
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Certificate
Shear Haven Domestic Violence Training Certificate


Jessica Annah
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“Michelle is such an amazing person. She understands a lot about physical and mental pain, and her knowledge about this is unreal. She knows exactly how to release any kind of pain or unwanted tension, I have a build up of unwanted tension in my shoulder and have done for around 20 years, I never thought I could get rid of it, and no one else knew what was wrong, had scans , had a chiropractor, ect .. nothing, there was just tension and it was inflamed a lot most of the time, Michelle’s treatment is working slowly but surely, I love just going to see her. She is my inspiration. X”
Becky Holt
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“Had some fantastic treatments with this wonderful lady @michelletcm I had a great day of Massage (in various forms), Gua Sha, Facial Gua Sha, Cupping & Magnet Therapy If anyone has any issues they need sorting or solving I can personally and highly recommended Michelle. Not only is she very talented in her field, she’s also highly spiritual and has a mass amount of energy and her aura is absolutely heart-warming. I can’t thank her enough for my treatments and really can’t wait to go back and have my reiki healing and acupuncture ”
Dan Lampard – WNBF World Champion Bodybuilder
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“Superb therapist who is very skilled at what she does – always focused on resolving issues. She’s had treated me for many different injuries and always helped me recover very quickly. First rate and thank you!”
Alison Geary
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“I highly recommend Blue Sage / Michelle and cannot thank her enough for providing emergency treatment on my back prior to a big competition. She is extremely thorough and certainly put me right well enough to not only compete … but to win !!”
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